2 Strategies to Make Your Fake Doctor’s Note 99.99% Fool Proof

If you are worried that you are going to be caught while using a fake doctor’s note, it is understandable. There are many fake doctor’s notes around and these easily giveaway the user because of the features they contain. However, you can still get a fake doctor’s note that is 99.99% Foolproof.

This post is presenting some effective strategy you can employ to get and use a fake doctor’s note that would be highly acceptable.

A fake doctor’s note is purchased online from certain businesses that specialize in providing doctor’s notes used in getting approval for work free days. The authenticity of a doctor’s note makes it acceptable. However, the following are two strategies can be employed to make the fake doctors note you have purchased online foolproof.

  1. Use the name of a well-known hospital in your locality or state – The name and graphics of the hospital in the area you live can be used in the note. In other words, it makes more sense to use the letterhead of this medical facility and the verifiable details of the physician you have indicated as having diagnosed your condition and recommended a bed rest or off days from work. This strategy employs that you present a doctor’s note with authentic details and address. (Watch out though, as this may be considered forgery)


  1. Utilize a call back service – The chance that the recipient of your fake doctor’s note will call to verify if your fake doctor’s note is genuine or not is high. You may not know when this verification would be done. Even if you are aware, you are likely not going to stop your employer from taking such step. To make your fake medical excuse note 99.99% foolproof, you can utilize a call back service when customizing the note. You just add a phone number given to you by the service. When the employer calls to verify the authenticity of the note, a voicemail or phone answering service may reply at the other end.

So, these two strategies can save you a lot of embarrassments when you use a fake doctor’s notes. You can avoid the stress of having to make your medical excuse foolproof by simply taking advantage of the notes offered by BestFakeDoctorsNotes.net.