Issues Regarding Fake Doctors Notes

Today, fake doctor’s notes are very easy for a person to get their hands on. Since everything is typed today, it is easy for a child to bring a fake doctors note like this to school. It is also easy for an average individual to bring this type of note to work.

The Old Method

Things have changed a lot since the last twenty years. There was a time when the only way a child could get a fake doctors note would be to have a friend that had a doctor for a parent. Hopefully, this parent had some type of notes with a stamped signature on them. These notes would be good enough for school.

The New Method

Today, people have something called the Internet. The Internet is like a doctor, because people can get fake notes online and in a hurry. Most of the templates are free, and a free template is like free money.

The template is all a person will need, because the template is the note itself. All it needs is a little bit more information to make it look real. What make it worse it that, ninety percent of the time, teachers and jobs do not confirm with the doctor. This makes it even easier to use a fake note as an excuse.

Where Do People Start?

People start by searching for fake Dr. excuses online. This type of search will bring up sites that are devotes to this subject. These sites have many forms people can use when they are on the website. Furthermore, these sites will also have an example of what a note like this should look like in the end. Going further, these sites will also allow the visitor to print a sample of many forms, too. These websites even suggest what type of computer paper to buy in the store.

What Are The Numbers

Talking statistics, almost every person that uses a fake not gets away with it. The big reason is because of confirmation as stated above. However, another reason is because doctors are using a stamped signature more and more. A stamped signature makes life easier, but it will make life hard in the end.  If you’re looking for a fake doctors excuse, then go here.


The subject discussed herein explains exactly what a fake note from a doctor is today and how people gain access to them.